Girl taking virtual CVI range assessment

CVI Virtual Range Assessment

When planning an intervention program for a child with cortical visual impairment, one of the first things that should be done is to assess where the child is with their visual abilities. The best method for this is The CVI Range created by Dr. Christine Roman-Lantzy. The CVI Range provides a consistent and reliable evaluation and offers detailed information about a child’s visual processing. The CVI Range Assessment provides a TVI with a baseline from which to build a CVI intervention program.

CVI Range Assessments have generally been conducted in person by Dr. Roman-Lantzy, or by other trained professionals. However, for some families with geographic limitations, or due to scheduling limitations for Dr. Roman-Lantzy, an in-person CVI Range Assessment may not be possible. 

CViConnect is happy to step in and help! We offer a Virtual CVI Range Assessment. This allows those families, who are not able to make a long trip or schedule an assessment,  the option to do it from the comfort and convenience of their own home.

  • No geographic limitations
  • Conducted by Dr. Christine Roman-Lantzy
  • CVI Range Score generated as a result
  • CViConnect subscription is NOT required

This Virtual CVI Range Assessment is completed in a couple of steps. 

Initially, there will be a phone call interview. This allows Dr. Roman-Lantzy to ask questions and get an understanding of what the child is interested in. Each child is different and reacts to different stimuli. Dr. Roman-Lantzy will be able to use this information to develop a custom assessment method. With that, she will provide a list of things to gather to perform the online assessment and work with the family to schedule a time.

The visual assessment is done via the Apple Facetime app (a HIPAA-compliant video conferencing app). Under Dr. Roman-Lantzy’s direction, the family will present various visual targets to the child with CVI and Dr. Roman-Lantzy will assess the child’s response. It generally takes 1-2 hours to complete. Using the information gathered from the interview, observation, and direct assessment; Dr. Roman-Lantzy will provide the family with a CVI Range Score, or, an approximation of a CVI Range score.  The Virtual CVI Range process is not a replacement for an actual, face-to-face assessment, but may help families get a general starting place and a CVI Phase (I, II, III).

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