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To all subscribers and potential subscribers of CViConnect,

You spoke.  We listened.   Feedback from the Early Adopter Program and through social media has been consistent, “we love the app, but the monthly subscription fee is a problem”.

From the outset, we encouraged your feedback and promised to make changes that made sense.  So, with this announcement, we are lowering the monthly subscription fee to $10 per subscriber per month.  We believe this will allow many, many more of you to subscribe to this awesome app and be a part of the CViConnect community.

In addition to the new, lower monthly fee, we are changing our support model.  We are looking for ways to be much more responsive to your questions and proactive in the use of the app with your child.  Effective immediately:

  • Live CViConnect Support Chat.  We will provide open windows when CViConnect Support Staff will be available for an online, live chat.   This should allow for quicker responses to your questions regarding use of the CViConnect app.
  • Facebook Live Training.  We will begin weekly FB Live training events, where the CViConnect Support Staff will provide training on various features and functions of the CViConnect app.  You can attend live or we will record the sessions and make them available to the community.
  • Training Videos. We are also planning to increase the number of training videos that will be posted on our CViConnect YouTube channel.
Coming soon!  Again, your feedback has helped guide us as we look to improve the CViConnect app.  Here are some of the new features/functions coming in the next release of the app (coming soon):
  • Child progress reports – the app will now be able to display a child’s progress reports
  • Improved performance – image download performance improvements, which should speed up the time it takes to load an activity
  • Improved Accessibility support for font sizes – app will more fully support font size changes from accessibility settings
  • Improved instructions view on activity start up – the instructions view has been made larger and easier to read when an activity starts
  • Prompt for “Are you sure” on quit of an activity – when quitting an activity, a ‘prompt’ confirms the choice
We hope these changes and improvements will help encourage more of you to subscribe and will go a long way in retaining current subscribers.  As always, your comments and feedback are welcome.

All the best.

Steve Hendrix
Steve Hendrix


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  1. Deborah Bruening
    Deborah Bruening says:

    I am a TVI and completed the 12 week CVI proficiency endorsement program last summer. Would you recommend a TVI be a member or is this only for parents? Just from reading basic info. it seems like I could benefit greatly from the app; however, I would need to use for multiple students. Would each student/family have to register and purchase the app?
    Deborah Bruening

    • CViConnect Support Staff
      CViConnect Support Staff says:

      Hi Deborah,

      Thank you so much for inquiring. We are hard at work on exactly what you are describing – the Professional Service Pack. This version of CViConnect is built specifically for professionals just like yourself who would like to use the iPad app with multiple individuals. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter, if you haven’t already, so that you’ll be among the first to know when we launch the Professional Service Pack.

      CViConnect Support Staff


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