International Support, Professional Service Pack and Virtual CVI Range Score Assessments

Over the last few weeks we have received many questions around the following topics. We hope that this post sheds some light on the areas of interest.

International Support

Unfortunately, during this initial phase of rollout, we are bound to the U.S. only.  In the very near future, we will be able to support international subscriptions.  For those that have reached out and inquired already, we will keep your name and contact information and let you know when CViConnect is available in your country.

Professional Service Pack

At this time, we are expecting the Professional Service Pack to be available sometime in the next 60-90 days.  We are still working through some technical issues, as well as finalizing the pricing model.  The Professional Service Pack will allow a single subscription to support multiple students.

We are keeping a record of all the TVIs and professionals who have inquired as we move closer to making the Professional Service Pack available.

Virtual CVI Range Score Assessment

A pre-requisite for use of the app is a CVI Range Score for your child. The CVI Range Score helps us identify which Activities bundle will be most appropriate for your child.  You can obtain this in many ways. Check out our prerequisites page to learn more.

One of the options for obtaining a Score is to purchase a Virtual CVI Range Score assessment with Dr. Christine Roman-Lantzy.  You can purchase this on the CViConnect website at the Additional Services section.

As the title implies, the assessment is done virtually using Facetime.  Once you have purchased the Assessment online, Dr. Roman-Lantzy will contact you directly, via email, to coordinate and schedule the Assessment.

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    From Sydney Australia
    I have been following everything you are doing CVI!!! as I have 6 students with CVI and no TVI available with CVI experience …I am learning by your endorsed websites Perkins School for the blind, Paths to Literacy and Dr Christine Roman Lantzy book and watching webinars etc
    Please keep me on your list when it goes International Thankyou for your incredible determination I have learnt so much and I am making a difference for my students a little a time…thanks to you all…BUT there’s so much more to do and know

    • Julie Kushman
      Julie Kushman says:

      You have been added to our list. We discussed international options at our last conference call. I would also recommend signing up for our newsletter. Looking forward to working with you in the future.


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