Look Detection vs. Video Recording

Look Detection vs. Video Conferencing

Dear CViConnect User Community,

From time to time, we will be communicating directly with the CViConnect User Community to deliver specific, hopefully helpful, information.  This is one of those communications.

We have had a number of questions regarding the look detection capability of CViConnect as well as the ability to record a video and upload it to the CViConnect team. Automatically captured data can be augmented through look detection and video recording.

When an Activity is run, information about the execution of the Activity is collected, such as how long the activity was run, when it was started and stopped, the places where the child touched the screen, etc.

With look detection, the system watches for the child’s eyes to be focused on the iPad.  The time when focus was detected is then cross referenced with what was on the display at the time of the look, giving us information about what the child has ‘seen’ in the Activity.

Video recording simply captures the video of a child using an Activity, much like using a video camera.  The recording is captured and then passed back up to the care team for review.

Video recording and look detection cannot be done at the same time.  Look detection uses Apple’s facial feature detection functionality to find the child’s eyes and to determine if they are open.  Facial feature detection is disabled by Apple during a video recording.

Finally, the facial feature detector is by no means perfect.  It sometimes struggles to locate a child’s eyes if the room is poorly lit or if the eyes are particularly challenging to locate.

At CViConnect, we continue to look at the technology available to improve the experience for you and your child.   Thank you for your continued support of CViConnect.

The CViConnect Team

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  1. sputnam
    sputnam says:

    Is there a way to trial this app before buying even if its only allows for a sampling of what is available? $50/mo is very steep for most families and teachers to support on an ongoing basis.


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