Unveiling the Impact of CVI Characteristics: A Systematic Approach with CViConnect

A systematic approach is crucial when assessing the impact of characteristics on learners with cortical visual impairment (CVI). Teachers need to uncover how each characteristic impacts a learner’s functional vision. Teachers can do this by changing only one element at a time. This focused methodology, combined with the support of CViConnect, empowers educators to gain a comprehensive understanding of how CVI characteristics impact learners and tailor interventions accordingly.

The Importance of Changing One Element at a Time

According to Dr. Christine Roman-Lantzy, CVI encompasses ten distinct characteristics, each with its own potential impact on a learner’s visual perception and attention. Changing one element at a time allows teachers to isolate variables and observe the individual effects of each characteristic. By systematically altering one factor, educators can accurately assess its contribution to visual engagement, leading to more precise evaluations and interventions.

For instance, consider a scenario where a child is sitting in their wheelchair in the classroom, with the iPad positioned in their central field while engaging with a red activity. In the next session, the team should change only one element, such as moving the iPad slightly to the right of center. By focusing on altering a single variable, we can compare the child’s visual attention and gain valuable insights into the significance of the visual field for their visual engagement. If we were to change multiple factors like visual field, activity color, and environmental complexity simultaneously, it would be impossible to determine the independent impact of each element on the learner’s ability to utilize their vision effectively.

CViConnect: Supporting Teachers in the Process

CViConnect is a powerful tool that supports the systematic collection and analysis of data related to learners with CVI. With features such as the forward-facing camera, screen recording, and microphone, CViConnect enables educators to gather valuable data while learners engage with activities within the app. Here’s how CViConnect can support teachers in the process of changing one element at a time:

  • Data Collection: CViConnect’s data collection capabilities provide teachers with detailed insights into learners’ visual behaviors. The app captures session length, title, look times, and other relevant information, enabling educators to track and analyze visual engagement over time. This rich data serves as a foundation for assessing the impact of individual characteristics on learners.
  • Data Analysis: CViConnect’s web-based dashboard offers a user-friendly interface for data analysis. Teachers can review session results, analyze timeline graphs, and examine heat maps to understand the learners’ visual attention and preferences. These visual representations provide valuable insights that inform decision-making and interventions.
  • Assessing Specific Characteristics: Within CViConnect, teachers assess the impact of specific CVI Characteristics. Teachers can utilize the Activity designer to change one element at a time. For example, educators can modify the color of an activity or adjust the level of movement while collecting data on learners’ visual engagement. The data collected through CViConnect allows teachers to evaluate the influence of these individual characteristics and make informed decisions about interventions.
  • Tailoring Interventions: CViConnect’s data-driven approach enables teachers to tailor interventions to meet learners’ unique needs. By analyzing the impact of specific characteristics, educators can design interventions that target the identified areas of improvement. This personalized approach ensures learners receive the optimal visual environment and support to enhance their visual abilities.
  • Monitoring Progress: With CViConnect, teachers can monitor learners’ progress over time. By collecting and analyzing data regularly, educators can track changes in visual engagement, identify trends, and refine interventions accordingly. CViConnect’s video recordings of sessions further enhance the accuracy of progress monitoring, allowing for a more nuanced assessment of learners’ visual behaviors.

Changing one element at a time is paramount to understanding how specific characteristics impact learners’ visual abilities. CViConnect can be an invaluable resource, supporting teachers in this process by enabling systematic data collection and analysis. With CViConnect’s features, educators can gather comprehensive data, assess the impact of individual characteristics, tailor interventions, and monitor progress over time. By utilizing CViConnect with the one-element-at-a-time approach, teachers can unlock the potential of learners with CVI, providing them with targeted support and maximizing their visual development.

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